The guys are back after a short break post NFL Draft!!! In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast, the guys welcome Jeff Cavanaugh to break down the NFC East and look ahead to what the 2019 season will bring. This is the first in a 8 week series looking into each division in the NFL.


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In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys welcome Zach Goodall with Locked On Jaguars on the Locked On Network to discuss the draft. 

The guys are back this week to discuss NFL Free Agency! Questions they had include... What in the hell are the Giants doing? Are the Browns going to the Super Bowl? Did the Ravens overpay for Earl Thomas?

What are your thoughts on Free Agency so far? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Mock Draft 1.0

In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys do a Mock Draft of the 1st round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Afterwards the guys discuss a little NFL Free Agency and welcome in a familiar voice for a cameo appearance on the podcast.


This one is a lot of fun. So we hope you enjoy.


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In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys revel the results of the Interactive Mock Draft done over the weekend (if you want to participate in the next one be sure to follow us on Twitter @AllProNation). Is this the end for Eli Manning and OBJ in New York? Where will Antonino Brown play next year? And what do you think about the coaching hires this year? Then the guys revel four coaches they think will be on the hot seat next year.

It's a packed show but we realize how much we LOVE doing these.

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We are BAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! After 7 months away, the guys have returned to bring you the All Pro Nation Podcast. Over the last two years Chris and Tanner have strived to bring you great content and a fun show. 

Honestly, daily life and APN got to be too much and the guys were determined to put out a good product or nothing at all. So knowing they couldn't give their all to YOU, the fans, they felt it was better to not produce any content at all.

Fast forward and now they are back! So enjoy this episode of Chris and Tanner reviewing the 2018 NFL season and what is to come!

Thanks for coming back! WE MISSED YOU!!!!!

-Peace and Love

Chris and Tanner

In this episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys review week 1 and look ahead at week 2.


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That is right. The summer break is over and the guys are back!!! We know you missed us!!!! Just Kidding. But for real, we are back from our long unintended break.


In this episode the guys do their game picks for week 1 of the NFL season and look ahaed to the upcoming season and make some BOLD predictions on what could help!!!

The guys have been away on SUMMER VACATION but luckily for all of our amazing fans there was a lost episode that was never published!!!!

HERE IT IS!!! The guys break down the NFC NORTH!!!


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We will be back to our regularly scheduled program soon!!!



In this special FOURTH OF JULY episode of the All Pro Nation Podcast the guys talk about the AFC West and look ahead at what this division has in store. They are joined by Seth Kizer who covers the Kansas City Chiefs.


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